Kobe Bryant’s Hair ‘Cut’?

Kobe Bryant’s Hair ‘Cut’?

Kobe Bryant’s celebrated two-year contract extension cost the Lakers $48.5 million, but the man’s grooming bills for a commercial seemingly are in keeping with his high priced salary.

Kobe, who sports an infamous, well recognized bald dome saw Nike shell out $833.75 for his grooming on a recent commercial for the sports brand (of course that 800 hundred bucks included tip). A Nike spokesman assures us all that the ‘grooming’ was mostly for hair, assuring TMZ (who broke the story by uncovering the invoice for hair servicing) that: “Kobe doesn’t typically wear makeup during the shoots, so the grooming would be primarily for hair.”

But with that perfectly smooth bald plate one needs to wonder, was the high priced ‘hair cut’ just to make sure Kobe saw a close shave?

Surely we see all of the Guci Image clientele as superstars, making-up a most celebrated and favorite ‘team’ but skyrocketing prices for our services have never been what we are about. With all we offer in hair replacement and hair restoration, from extensions to implanting to our patented White Diamond treatment and everything else we offer to men and women battling their hair thinning and hair loss, you can be assured that Guci Image offers reasonable prices for our one-of-a-kind services.

The concern of every day prices for things (even when those prices are sky high in the case of his Nike haircut) might not be part of Kobe Bryant’s worldview, but we know it is yours.

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