Here at Guci Image we urge consultations, constant conversations between stylists and client, the give-and-take of research-conducted by whomever, however-whether through the layman (woman’s) or our techs to provide the very best hair restoration and hair care services. We commit to this approach for 2014 as we have always committed to this level of excellence.

A man coming to us for our  CTR service, a lady sitting down for a White Diamond treatment should not pick these approaches lightly. One is only too soon reminded of the foolhardy in this day and age with things that are pretty much permanent and can alter your appearance.

For instance…

On a recent The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (see the clip here Nebraska fantasy footballers Adam, Jordan and Spud recounted (and showed off) their loosing tattoos. It seems when one fails to make the grade in their “league” the loser has to chose an embarrassing tattoo (think unicorns and rainbows for men) to be applied somewhere on their body in a four-by-four inch space. Yes, boys might be boys, but as tats are more or less a permanent addition (getting them off very time consuming and painful) one wonders why these young men put themselves through this all in the name of a fantasy football league.

One should always manage a well reasoned consideration whenever embarking on the adornment, addition or altering of one’s look, style and/or body. God knows, we here at Guci Image take this consideration for each and every one of our clients very seriously indeed. Set up a consultation today and let’s consider what we can do for you.


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