Alessandra Ambrosio’s Beach Frolic Begs A Hair Question

Alessandra Ambrosio’s Beach Frolic Begs A Hair Question

Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio was caught by more than just the pro photographer shooting her frolicking on an L.A. beach this week. Wearing a red Rudolph-The Red-Nosed Reindeer-inspired bikini with a pair of antlers to complete the look, the Victoria’s Secret lady made the pre-Xmas net news pretty much as you’d expect from such a spirited romp from such a high profile woman.

Beyond modeling outfits correctly-and attempting to look warm and beach ready in what often is very cold weather indeed-models like the 32 year-old Ambrosio this week, to those ladies taken far and wide for the yearly infamous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue often tough it out in very little clothes in less than optimum conditions. We of course see the amazingly beautiful results of the pictures that make the cut, but the crew that circles someone like Ambrosio to make sure the elements don’t conspire to ruin her look at every moment and the model herself work hard to create an illusion of the very best weather meeting the lady in question in one of the world’s most beautiful locations.

Just think of the riot of possible hair upheaval hair stylists have to deal with in wind, salt water and sun! As much for the shoot as for when the model gets home and washes the day off herself, hair crews have to see to it that the lady’s hair looks supple, shiny and perfect…and keeps from being damaged.

Though you may see less ‘action’ in your day-to-day Guci Image takes our hair care as seriously as we do our hair replacement and extension work. Sure, you might not have the specific hair styling and repair concerns a Alessandra Ambrosio, but chemical processing of all kinds, flat ironing and blow drying, just the elements battling your head in east coast season changes can see lots of potential hair care problems.

Guci’s White Diamond hair repair system uses state-of-the-art Ultra-Sonic Wave Technology through repeated treatments that will see your hair restored to great shiny manageable health.

Facts on the exclusive-to-Guci White Diamond treatment can be found here….you can find those Alessandra Ambrosio Rudolph-The Red-Nosed Reindeer beach pics anywhere on the web this week.


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