Why Can’t We Just All Like Miley?

Why Can’t We Just All Like Miley?

When it comes to amassing ‘Best Of,” a ‘The Sexiest Man or Woman of the Year’ a ‘Greatest songs/movies/books of all time’ kind-of-a-thing, there are bound to be people who agree with what makes a list as plenty more who argue for what didn’t. Time Magazine announced that their prestigious pick for “Person of the Year” of 2013, an honor they have been dolling out since 1927, is Pope Francis. Fans of the pontiff are thrilled, those not angered, but pretty much life goes on. What’s almost as interesting to note as who was crowned POY is the top ten contenders Time Magazine considered this year.

One of the ‘almost’ was Miley Cyrus and wouldn’t you know it, Billy Ray’s daughter is seeing some negative attention for getting as far as she did.

Major Garrett of the National Journal lambasted Time for including Cyrus on their top ten and his ire made national (at least national Internet) news. While certainly making a good point that Time considered all too few women in their top ten contenders this year, Garrett’s calling the queen of twerk “transparently unfit for POY status and unambiguously grafted onto the list for commercial reasons,” reveals his ignorance. Time is a commercial enterprise, existing in a world where our entertainment culture is as every bit important as religion, politics or just about anything else.

Ms. Cyrus simply got lots of ink this year and made an impact good or bad, like her or not, Mr. Garrett.

Like everything that passes by us these matters matter very little to the matters we have to contend with daily. Matters like making sure you get into our Paramus offices on a regular basis for your service or maybe setting-up a consultation. Be to see your CTR serviced, coming in for a regular treatment of LLLT or seeing what our White Diamond process is all about you’re most likely the ‘person of the year’ for somebody and want to look your best for them…but mainly for you.

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