Nicki Minaj: a queendom from head to toe

Nicki Minaj: a queendom from head to toe

It does seem that when lots of our best and brightest reach the brass ring of celebrity, be it through years of acting, arduous concert touring or just managing to be seen on a reality show like any of the spate of The Housewives Of… or a Jersey Shore men and women both run wild with product development and/or commercial deals. Certainly this is nothing new, celebrities lending their name to a chain of restaurants or their image to the side of food stuffs have been happening for many a year, but it seems these days everybody is either releasing a clothing line or twisting in slow motion across a perfume commercial.

It could also be that we are just more aware of all this ‘branding’ via YouTube and Twitter.

Running across this new commercial for Nicki Minaj’s perfume Minajesty: one is as aware of the singer’s endorsement (her 2nd perfume) as, once again, of how truly photogenic the lady is. Surely it’s a candy colored fantasy video tale but really Nicki is shimmering-ly beautiful and oh-so-buxom (as she always is) in full “queendom” sporting the very best style, not to mention donning another one of those famous wigs she’s known for .

Although  she’s quite adorable wig-less (see here: one need commend Nicki and her stylist for all the many styles, colors and all-out outrageous hair she sports on any given day (sometimes wearing more then one wig during one concert). In her song “Up In Flames” Nicki even alluded to getting into wig making beyond making clothes and perfumes when she sang: “The wigs are next” but when asked if she was indeed entering the hair making game she wouldn’t commit to the rumor.

There’s just no denying the power of celebrity…or good hair. We of course believe in good hair, as you can see just about anywhere you look across the Guci Image ‘brand’, from our Great Lengths cold fusion hair extensions to our White Diamond Ultra-Sonic Hair Repair to our male/female micro-grafting techniques. 

To us, you are a celebrity and we your hair ‘brand.’

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