White Diamond

White Diamond

Ultrasonic Hair Repair Therapy

We all want the same thing. Healthy, soft, shiny, natural looking hair. But how many of us actually have it? How many of us take care of our hair and do all the right things and still find ourselves with damaged hair? For those of us, or should I say most of us, who are not so careful the price we pay for “I want this certain look at all cost mentality is “damaged hair.” It’s truly amazing the things we will do for great looking hair, knowing they are bad for you. Ex: Thermal reconditioning, chemical processes, excessive blow drying, flat ironing, frequent dyeing, Brazilian or Japanese straightening and Keratin treatments (have I missed anything?). We are now left wondering what did I do to my hair and how did get so bad?

white diamond ultrasonic hair repair therapy

We don’t know what you did or how it got so bad, but we do know what you can do to fix it! White Diamond, after just one treatment with our Ultra-Sonic Wave Technology, watch White Diamond repair the damage and start you back on your way to healthy looking hair.

Q. What exactly is the “White Diamond” process?

A. White Diamond is a revolutionary new technology that encompasses Ultrasonic-Waves and Infrared Light to repair damage, breakage and dry lifeless hair. White Diamond penetrates deep into the center part of the hair called the “Cortex.” Placed directly under the cuticle, the cortex  makes up most of the hair shaft giving hair it’s special qualities such as ELASTICITY, CURL and SHINE. Women who over-use styling tools, color, products and harmful substances on their hair, will often dry out the Cortex, causing damage and resulting in breakage.

White Diamond technology is NOT a Keratin treatment or hair straightener! It is a Hair Repair Technology that reverses dry, damaged and broken hair. It achieves this by opening up the hair shaft delivering Ultrasonic-Waves to penetrate the cortex and deliver a combination of Anti-Aging properties. This proprietary combination of All Natural Keratin, Argan and Anti-biotic is used to begin the process of repairing hair back to its original healthy state. Following this process, White Diamond uses an Infrared Light technology to close the cuticle capturing it’s treatment solution in the Cortex allowing hair repair to begin.

It’s important to remember that repairing damaged hair won’t happen overnight. But, the road to healthy hair is just one step away!

Designed and created exclusively for Guci Image, let “White Diamond” do for you what Salon hair products and treatments cannot! Deliver on their promise!

hair repair therapy

The results are beautiful!!

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