American Hustle Styles

American Hustle Styles

As is true every end of the year there’s a whole spate of movies released right before and actually on Christmas day to be considered as very last minute contenders for Oscars or to cash in on audience holiday spending. Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street, the 2nd Hobbit installment and David O Russell’s American Hustle are just a few of them.

Out of them all, Hustle might actually have the most interesting hair styles.

Sure, it’s got to be difficult dealing with all the coarse hair a dwarf of Middle Earth might sport (not to mention a Hobbit’s hairy feet) but Katherine Gordon, the head stylist on American Hustle certainly had her hands full with the distinctive 70’s haircuts and styles the movie’s actors sported.

In his typical fashion Christian Bale immersed himself in his roll, as much adding weight as using a distinctive “comb over”. Gordon worked with Bale to perfect a hair style that required daily attention to bend the ex-Batman’s usually curly locks into submission.

We here at Guci recommend men try an FUE or our patented CTR system avoiding the comb-over at all costs!

This dramatic read of the ABSCAM scandal also saw Amy Adams in curlers, Jennifer Lawrence sporting a new do and Bradley Cooper enduring three hours a day of over one hundred little pink curlers so he could sport his own curls.

A convincing movie look as well as a style that truly fits one personality takes time. Be one a movie star or just an everyday guy or gal going to work in Northern New Jersey or even over to big bad Manhattan, your stylist is quite often one of your very closest confidants.

Here at Guci we are ready, willing and able to make you a star.

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