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Turkey Hats: Fashion Question NOT Statement

Writing a blog for a northern New Jersey hair replacement salon, we cover lots of ground; seeking the truth about new treatments and hair restoration

DHSA Comes To Guci Image

On the forefront of hair restoration technology, hair replacement techniques, and scientific hair analysis, Guci Image consistently presents the latest options to our customers in

A Momentary Lapse Of Hair Reason

Did you make it past Halloween 2018 unscathed? With too many costumes to choose from (for you and the kids), various “Trunk & Treats,” parades

Do You Suffer From R.H.S?

By recent internet reports it seems that lately lots of famous ladies, and men, are suffering from R.H. S.  ‘Restless hair syndrome,’ is the seeming

Feel As Confident As Katy Perry

The headline to a trending People magazine piece this week is “Katy Perry Feels Like a ‘Strong, Powerful Woman’ with Her Short Hair, Says Longtime

David Beckham’s Hair ?

David Beckham’s hair caused big controversy this week (or as big a controversy as it could, really) when he appeared on stage in Hong Kong

The 24-Karat Approach

Dyson just released a 23.75-karat gold hairdryer. After multiple prototypes and extensive testing the right hue of gold leaf—from Florence— was found for the Dyson

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