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Kelly Ripa’s Hair Warning

The ‘pandemic trend,’ of cutting one’s own bangs, is being called out by Kelly Ripa. It seems with the boredom of self-quarantining setting in, too


Black Widow Hair?

As brought into clear evidence with the final trailer for Black Widow ‘dropping’ this week, there is no denying the power of a simple haircut. In


Being ‘Woke’ By Natalia Taylor

Hair replacement facts, seeking out best (or worst) NJ salon reviews, overall hair care treatments; at Guci Image, we are forever warning our clients to


Hair Couture At The 92nd Academy Awards

Something like the 92nd Academy Awards telecast (better known as ‘The Oscars’) certainly brings out the fashionistas. Couture, jewelry, and yes, hairstyles were on full

De’Andre Arnold’s Dangerous Hair

Most Guci Image clients would admit that the ‘danger’ in wearing hair is having what they wear be undetectable. We work hard at Guci Image

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