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Best Hair Loss Doctor In New Jersey

Our appearance, especially our hair, can boost our confidence. And it is only natural to worry if you have hair loss. You may have a


Halloween Hair Scares: Wigs and Dyes…Oh My

Celebrating October’s famous holiday, maybe?
Although this is only the beginning of the month, we extend the same happy and healthy All Hallow’s to all of our clients and their families, as we do every year.


The Fine Line Between Hair Growth & Scalp Health

As we report consistently in this blog, there is new research surfacing almost daily on enzymes, heretofore unknown biological triggers and so many other aspects of human DNA concerning how and why hair grows…and doesn’t.


Guci Has Got Your Very Long Hair

Very often we find the people coming to us indeed want to stay with what they had or more specifically return to it with what we provide.


Who Is Julien Farel And Why Is He At The U.S. Open?

The last time any hair story made it through the rounds of tennis reporting was when we all learned that not only did Andre Agassi wear a varied color mane-like wig during the 1990s, but there was one match that he played worried less about his tennis performance, and more that the wig might fall off!


Oh, Those Hair Trends

What is not so quickly replaced, might be slightly changed over time, needs to be colored accordingly, styled, and indeed considered the longer you are a client of Guci Image is the hair you wear.


Watching The Hair of The Heir

A new photo of England’s Prince Harry just surfaced, showing the royal heir with a thicker, darker head of hair than he usually sports

Healthy Hair Growth and Scalp Nourishment | | Guci Image

No, It Probably Won’t Be Growing Back

Wishful thinking or dreaming or days (and hair) gone by has its place. But true hair loss solutions must be researched, applied, and then proactively pursued. Guci Image is here for you.

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