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Summer Hair Care

5 Summer Hair Care Tips To Protect Your Hair   Oh yes, the heat has been especially challenging this week in northern N.J.; we just

What Beyoncé Showed Off This Week

Lots is made of whatever Beyoncé does. From her last big concert special “Homecoming” on Netflix to her everyday appearances, the world is poised and

What’s Good For Beyoncé Won’t Work For Us

Super diva Beyoncé is known for her many songs, stage performances, and wardrobe and hairstyles. Wigs, extension, braids, the 37-year-old-mom, singer and cultural icon, has


Lady Gaga Reveals

Hairstyles are important to us all. As much to celebrities as for those of us who wear Guci Image hair. It’s no wonder then that

Hollywood vs. Paramus

It is the prevue of movie stars to change their look (it’s almost a prerequisite for attempting to mine continued popularity) or throw supposed tantrums.

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