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Chasing Baby Bangs

With ‘selfies’ and Instagram all the rage, whatever one person manages-be they star or everyday guy or gal-plenty of others can see/hear/experience. But is imitation

The Real Renée Zellweger?

A lady looks a little different and the whole world goes crazy: Renée Zellweger stepped out in Hollywood to attend Elle Magazine’s Women in Hollywood


You know how people reference the innocent observations of a child? There’s that idea that our little one’s have a truer sense of things since

What Products Are The Right Products?

Every day new hair products are introduced to the public. Whether they suddenly pop-up via a celebrity endorsement or come to us from some Instagram

There Is No Battle Of The Sexes When It Comes To Hair Loss Surely there is no denying that men and women are different…beyond the


Sometimes battling hair loss simply comes down to preventative measures….or at the very least being altered to the fact that we are indeed loosing our

The Natural Look In Paris…and For You?

If it happens during Paris Fashion Week then it’s got to be fashionable, right? Well it seems the ‘in’ do at the Fashion Weeks that

Sandra Bullock Is Having A Crisis

Really, I hope you are keeping track. Sandra Bullock has now gone blonde again, this time for a new comedy Our Brand Is Crisis to

The Big Bang Theory & Pixiegate

People really do love their T.V: The popular CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory had its season premier this past Monday and the character Penny

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