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Latest Hair Growth Technology

Recently invented compounds, new ways of screening the effects of hair growth drugs, products featuring all-natural combinations of melatonin and resveratrol, the creation of minoxidil ‘boosters,’ and new topical peptides are being tested all the time. Conversely, the false claims about Biotin’s effectiveness are as diligently measured, matched, considered, and made public.

The Price You Pay For Your Hair Solution

In choosing how best to battle your baldness, a little research of options, salons, and indeed pay points is highly recommended. Indeed, we often get what we pay for, but we all need well remember, is what we are paying for what we need, or is it the best we can find?


Gorilla Glue as Hair Spray

People who have undergone hair transplantation or come to our Northern, N.J. hair salon for regular service of their hair restoration units know they need


All Are Equal At Guci Image

This pandemic has affected us all so many ways, but when one considers all that COVID-19 can potentially bring, some stutter steps over our hair


What Jennifer Lopez Wears

It’s sometimes hard for those of us who wear hair hard not to view life with a ‘me’ against ‘them’ suspicion. We assume plenty of

Truth About Biotin And Hair Growth | Guci Image

The Truth About Biotin And Hair Growth

Biotin has become one of the more recent all-natural cures for people looking to stop balding or hoping to get their hair back as thick


Guci Image Presents EPM Technology

No, all topical hair loss solutions are not the same. Guci Image has been in the business of restoring hair for men and women for

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