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Katy’s Wig Style Ain’t Yours

Starting with a severe short black bob, one side dipping down longer than the other, then into an equally black and straight Cleopatra style wig

Stolen Hair in Houston

Some people want extensions…and some people really want them! In Houston a group of thieves stole their way into the “Beauty Sensation” salon in the early

A Regularly Scheduled Service

When it comes to servicing your CTR unit, coming in yet again for more White Diamond Ultra Sonic Hair Repair, wanting to even slightly alter


So, there is more hair there then was first thought? Folllicular Unit Extraction or FUE in male patients hair replacement saw a recent advancement from

As ‘In The Game’ As Derek Jeter

During Tuesday night’s All-Star Game it was apparent that some baseball stars don’t seem to age…and pretty much neither does their hairstyles. Sure, there was

Does Menopause Cause Hair Loss?

Losing 50-100 hair daily is normal, and there is nothing alarming about it; however, if you begin to lose more, then you should pay attention

Face It, Now…Guci Image Is The Solution

For those men and women contemplating wearing hair, there is a race-against-the-ticking-hands-of-inevitability in the air. There’s the consistent moving-of-your-head-this-way rationalization tug-of-war daily measuring, the new

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