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Your Off Line Hair Life?

It’s true you can pretty much get anything you’re after online these days. Amazon.com carries a full range of products, you can order your groceries


Here at Guci Image we urge consultations, constant conversations between stylists and client, the give-and-take of research-conducted by whomever, however-whether through the layman (woman’s) or

American Hustle Styles

As is true every end of the year there’s a whole spate of movies released right before and actually on Christmas day to be considered

2013 Celebrity Hair Style Changes

An article at Harper’s Bazaar online mentions the most memorable celebrity hair transformations of 2013. Not that most of us have the time, money or

Khloe Kardasian Odom, R.I.P.

Those wacky Kardashians are at it again. It seems Khloe K. is ending her 4-year marriage to NBA forward Lamar Odom and she not only

Why Can’t We Just All Like Miley?

When it comes to amassing ‘Best Of,” a ‘The Sexiest Man or Woman of the Year’ a ‘Greatest songs/movies/books of all time’ kind-of-a-thing, there are

Gisele Bündche Breastfeeding At Work

There are those clients who come to us and enjoy reading a book while we attend to their SHE extensions, others who like watching some

Naked Vegas…A Show For Our Time?

There is no arguing the fact that cable T.V. has cut a deep swatch into network television audience viewership. Furthermore, we’d all have to agree

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