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Gisele Bündche Breastfeeding At Work

There are those clients who come to us and enjoy reading a book while we attend to their SHE extensions, others who like watching some

Naked Vegas…A Show For Our Time?

There is no arguing the fact that cable T.V. has cut a deep swatch into network television audience viewership. Furthermore, we’d all have to agree

Lions, and Tigers and Drones…Oh My!

Over at Maclife they are talking about the recent reveal of drones for ‘everyday’ use (the link here: http://www.maclife.com/article/news/amazon_offers_sneak_preview_dronebased_30minute_delivery_service?ns_service=mail&ns_robot=partner-Adestra&ns_campaign=7804&ns_source=Adestra&ns_mchannel=email-n&ns_linkname=the%20full%20story&ns_fee=0&ns_recipient=rdebiak%40mac.com&ns_mail_uid=190&ns_mail_job=9089). There was even a “60 Minutes”

Kim Kardashian=Marilyn Monroe?

Kayne West is no stranger to shooting his mouth off, to making public displays with his stage shows, rapping controversial lyrics…and getting press for himself

Holi-daze Hair

Is there any time of year that can see us getting nuttier then the holi-daze?! Surely weeks months pre-Thanksgiving then into whatever holiday you might

Sony’s ‘Smart Wig’

Falling into the ‘so wacky an idea it might work’ category is seems Sony has filed for a patent for a device called the “SmartWig”.

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