Christina Aguilera: ‘braided’ and elegant at the AMA’s.

Christina Aguilera: ‘braided’ and elegant at the AMA’s.

In a show-stopping performance at this year’s American Music Awards, Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World wowed the crowd with as much their playing and singing as Christina with her look during a chilling performance of “Say Something.” Wearing a sedate black gown The Voice judge, who has had much made of her weight gain and loss of late looked trim, elegant and oh-so-pretty in a sedate long black gown with her hair in a tight face forming braid.

Let’s face it, as much as what comes out of a pop diva’s mouth-whether she’s a Cher, Mariah, Miley or a Christina-as what the lady wears and how she styles herself always makes news. The fact that some hip and stylish stylist got Xtina’s curly blonde mane in check for such a super mature, finely crafted look speaks volumes to Ms. Aguilera still wanting to be relevant…beyond just her foray into prime time television contest shows. We’ve seen Christina in many a mane and lots of different colors, but her look at this year’s AMA’s was truly stunning.

We have all heard the expression that the ‘clothes make the man’ but for women so much is ‘made’ of hairstyle, color and cut…and not just for celebrities like Christina Aguilera. Keeping-up with the latest trends is a huge undertaking in and of itself and any modern day stylist worth his or her scissors has to be constantly learning, watching video, reading Cosmopolitan and Elle, checking-in to TMZ even.  

Guci boasts just these types of up-to-the-second stylists who as much know what’s happening in women’s styles as they do all about revolutionary hair care, repair and even replacement.

See the Christina Aguilera/A Great Big World AMA performance here: and of course take a look around at for your own diva-like treatment.


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