Lions, and Tigers and Drones…Oh My!

Lions, and Tigers and Drones…Oh My!

Over at Maclife they are talking about the recent reveal of drones for ‘everyday’ use (the link here:

There was even a “60 Minutes” piece on all this, but what Mac reports and what is most pervasive is that is going to be presenting their Amazon Prime Air (they hope by 2015) as an extension of their membership service. Prime Air is a decidedly sci-fi approach of getting drone robots to deliver goods to costumers! “The goal of this new delivery system is to get packages into customers’ hands in 30 minutes or less using unmanned aerial vehicles,” Amazon says.

This is how we look at the world too. Certainly we’ll never have robots replacing technicians, but Guci Image is forever exploring the latest developments in hair replacement through sate-of-the-art scientific methods. It’s an approach that takes time to be sure and that we never truly expose the public to until we are completely sure of what works (and what doesn’t). But technology helps us here as it helps us all in every aspect of our lives, from developing our White Diamond Treatment   treatment or the trial and error that went into creating the male CTR systems.

In the working male hair restoration, female hair thinning, hair repair and hair extensions in N.J. we know we won’t/don’t get second chance; once a bell is rung it never gets ‘un-rung’ in making men and women look their best. So Guci Images always needs a ‘best foot forward’ application of the skills and techniques we take years and years of studying and we take painstaking measures to make sure something will work when we introduce it..and to always be on the look-out for new advancements. But it is well worth all the time, effort and trial when we see the how happy our hair restoration clients are, be they male or female.

A drone robot might be soon plopping a package at your doorstep, but Guci Image is ready with time tested safe scientifically created techniques to restore your youth and confidence right now!

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