The Holiday Shopping Rush, New Jersey Style

The Holiday Shopping Rush, New Jersey Style

Not that it’s something to be particularly proud of in our own home state (and this all actually went down not a mere twenty minute drive from our offices) but at the rather new Wallmart in Garfield N.J. an incident occurred where police had to pepper spray a man during the Thanksgiving holiday sale onslaught. No, not all press is good press but in this day and age where smartphones are in everyone’s hands at the ready you can be sure pictures and video (video that ‘goes viral’ in the blink of an I) were captured across this great nation of ours, not just in N.J., of shopper’s bad behavior.

Loads of politicians and celebs take and upload ‘selfies,’ Twitter picks and their latest ramblings as do everyday guys and girls update their Facebook feed with recent pics and recipes. But shouldn’t one consider just how much of everybody knowing everything about everybody is a good thing? In the example of the Wallmart above, it’s not something a fellow New Jersey-ian would be proud of but it really seems everyone either wants to be noticed these days or walks the razor’s edge of being noticed at anytime.

When one’s hair is thinning the last thing one wants is to be noticed, have to pose for pictures, get up on video. We take to wearing hats, going out a lot less, making rash rationalizations with ourselves that “Mmm, this styles doesn’t make me look like I’m balding” when all the time we are ever self conscious of being noticed for the lack of hair we are so conscious of. Guci is in the business of making you feel more confident about being noticed. Techniques like our patented laser light therapy, micro grafting and many more are all about getting ‘good press’ with your style and look, even if you are not even out there in the mad rush looking for it. 

Be careful as you go forth out there in the crazy holiday madness…but know you look damn good cause you’re a Guci client or are on the way to being one.


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