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Poor Angelina Jolie

So it seems all anybody is talking about when it comes to big box office numbers is how Disney’s Maleficent starring Agelina Jolie is crushing the

9 Tips for Wearing Hair Extensions

Do you want to play around with your hair extensions? Here are a few simple tips for wearing hair extensions like a pro. Tips for

Beyoncé and her Braids

Not that Beyoncé (or at least her close relatives) haven’t been in the news enough lately. But it seems Miss Bey got some more attention

Cannes’ Hair

Servicing the men and women with thinning hair here in the northern N.J./NYC area as we do, most of us at Guci (and we assume

The Real Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss in men can cause receding hairlines and lots of hair in the shower drain. On the other hand some female hair loss is normal,

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