The Duchess of Cambridge Going Grey? Say It Ain’t So!

The Duchess of Cambridge Going Grey? Say It Ain’t So!

Like most celebrities, the British royal family endures an immense amount of media scrutiny. Young or old, brand new members like baby William or old stalwarts like the ‘Queen Mum’ are photographed and written about as much as Miley Cyrus or George Clooney. Just recently tabloids were a’blaze about the seemingly increased amount of gray (and a new middle part as opposed to her side one) in the long locks of Kate Middleton The Duchess of Cambridge. As much talked about for her marriage, just giving birth to the new prince and her penchant for long coats, it seems the press is picking up on Kate showing more silver of late.

Some ‘experts’ are claiming the grey in Kate’s hairdo has to do with the fact that the Duchess has been missing her hair dying sessions (four hour visits to a Richard Ward Hair And Metrospa in the UK) because of the new baby’s schedule. Others claim it might be Kate eschewing hair dye to avoid any extra chemicals when she was preggers and with breast feeding…though to be sure, limited exposure to the high-end organic dyes Kate would use would be pretty much safe.

As with women losing their hair or experiencing thinning, it is just not so very acceptable for a woman to go grey. Men can and some sport quite the style with their ‘silver fox’ look, but for a woman-especially a young lady in the middle of such a media circus-the criticism over any change in her appearance, and especially anything synonymous with growing older, can be quite the burden.

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It need not be said (but we will say it anyway): Guci treats all costumers like royalty.

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