Gisele Bündche Breastfeeding At Work

Gisele Bündche Breastfeeding At Work

There are those clients who come to us and enjoy reading a book while we attend to their SHE extensions, others who like watching some T.V. while we apply their CTR system or just engage technicians in some catch-up gossip about their lives while we apply our Low Light Laser Treatment. A woman breast feeding though while having some service performed at our Paramus offices would definitely be a first for us!

But it seems celebs are down for it…and when they do manage to ‘multi-task’ in this most unique yet natural of ways it makes quite the splash indeed.

Sitting in a white terry cloth robe while having her luscious hair blown out, her nails done and make-up attended to super model Gisele Bündchen nursed her 1-year-old daughter Vivian recently. Tom Brady’s wife left a famous quote at Harper’s Bazaar UK three years ago that “there should be a worldwide law…that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months,” and the Instagram photos she threw out across the web of her actual acting on this belief has created a controversy.

There has been plenty made of a woman’s ‘right’ to breastfeed in the workplace, in public, in front of family members. And as with most everything we come across in life there will be those for and against public breastfeeding (though in Gisele’s case she was sitting in a decidedly semi-private suite) and for all intents and purposes she is paying the crew or her work is.

One thing is for certain though, a famous mom will certainly throw her hat (and whatever else she likes) into the ring of current considering when she uses Instagram and her celebrity.




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