Sony’s ‘Smart Wig’

Falling into the ‘so wacky an idea it might work’ category is seems Sony has filed for a patent for a device called the “SmartWig”. A false hair piece fitted with sensors, the hope is that the SmartWig could help people with medical concerns, aid boardroom exec’s and even help the blind.

The sensors in the piece can actually ‘speak’ to devices like smartphones, computers and GPS devices. For those with health problems, the hope is that the wig will monitor heart rate, blood pressure and temperature. For sight impaired wearers the sensors in the wig could be connected to an on-board GPS which would in turn prompt direction from vibration sensors. The businessman or woman might see an application with the wig where during a presentation they might simply move the slides of their visual display by raising an eyebrow!

Since lots of the wigs actual applications are still at the drawing board stage Sony is considering the different materials they might want to use for the wig itself and also if the wig should be as much of an inconspicuous design as one someone would wear proudly to display and be noticed in.

Of course, at Guci Image we are ever aware of and endeavor to make the wearing of hair and hair repair completely inconspicuous…it’s one of the cornerstones of what we do actually to make sure no one except you and your technician know exactly what treatments or process you come to us for! Our Cold-Fusion extensions for women and our CTR systems for men are only two of the many ways we service our clients with no one ever the wiser.

Guci Image is all about smart hair.

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