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Taylor Swift…Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

It looks like, at least for now, Taylor Swift won’t be managing any heavy metal head-thrash throw-your-hair around excitement like she did at this year’s

A Hair Raising Fashion Week In NYC

Dealing with our very busy days, quite often events happening even in our own backyard roll by without notice. New York City’s Mercedes-Benz 2014 Fashion


(Image from Billboard.com) Surely you noticed the commercials, the pre-game T.V. predictions, just the entire pomp and circumstance surrounding this year’s Superbowl (taking place in

Grammys Hair

  So it was the Grammy’s the other night (the 56th annual one actually) and there were as many performances to get critics criticizing as

Elly Mayday Has A Great Day

Elly Mayday is a working and popular plus-sized model. Since battling ovarian cancer though the “curvy Canadian”, as she calls herself, has also lost 40

Where Brad Pitt Goes We Can Go

As much as everyone seems to report on the doings of female celebs and their fashions and styles, it still comes as no surprise when

Kobe Bryant’s Hair ‘Cut’?

Kobe Bryant’s celebrated two-year contract extension cost the Lakers $48.5 million, but the man’s grooming bills for a commercial seemingly are in keeping with his

Your Off Line Hair Life?

It’s true you can pretty much get anything you’re after online these days. Amazon.com carries a full range of products, you can order your groceries

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