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Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

Dandruff may not be a life-threatening condition, but it can make you uncomfortable. The presence of an irritated and flaking scalp can be bothersome. This

Does Radiation Cause Hair Loss?

Hair fall is an intimidating condition. We all have sleepless nights while thinking about hair fall. You can lose your crowning glory due to a

Can Too Much Iron Cause Hair Loss?

We always believed that wine is good for health; however, a recent study told that red wine with all its previous health benefits can now

Does Tobacco Cause Hair Loss?

We all lose hair. It’s normal while brushing or bathing. However, for some people hair loss is scary. They lose excessive hair which is alarming

How To Take Care of Natural Hair?

Every woman on this earth desire beautiful, shiny and healthy hair, but few are aware of the right way to acquire it. Taking care of

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy?

Who does not wish to have long lustrous hair? However, it takes a lot to get the long desirable tresses which can give you a

Causes Of Hair Loss After Childbirth

Many people believe that there is nothing beautiful than being a mother. True, but pregnancy may leave you feeling pretty unattractive. You become moody; you’re

What Deficiency Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be caused due to a number of reasons. Hormonal changes, heredity, poor diet, stress and some prescription medications can be the culprits.

What Causes Male Pattern Baldness?

Male-pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss that develops in most men at some point of time

Medications That Cause Hair Loss

Losing some amount of hair everyday is common as you comb or style, but if your hair loss is excessive or you are experiencing balding,

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