Stem Cells To Give You Your Hair Back…Less Fantasy Then Reality

Science keeps ever thrusting forward in all of our lives (a good thing of course) but it seems stem cell research has recently made some real strides in hair restoration. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and our own NJ-based New Jersey Institute of Technology have developed a way to take adult human stem cells and make them into epithelial stem cells (EpSCs) or “hair-follicle-generating stem cells” . The technique adds three genres to dermal fibroblasts skin cells and though the remainder of the science is quite complicated-as you’d expect-it seems this is the first time stem cells have been used successfully to grow hair.

Where this will take Guci Image in the near future and how very near indeed these developments are no one can rightly say. But it is nice to know that hair restoration is on the agenda of others (and notably more learned men and women) then just us.

Presently Guci employs state-of-the-art, often times patented techniques to restoring hair for men and women. Tailored to the wide variety of needs of the equally as wide variety of people who come to us to battle their thinning and balding scalps, we offer micro-grafting, hair extensions, laser treatments, to name just a few of our own scientific approaches and medically approved approaches to your hair thinning/balding concerns.

It takes time for any new technique to be approved but when they are Guci Image is always there to explore the very best options for our clients. Our research has seen us adopt the very techniques that are the backbone of our business presently so rest assured we are on the forefront looking into any and all legitimate scientific finds and new research.

The one thing that is assured, without having to consult a study or listen to a scientist pontificate is that a hair restoration solution is something you need address right now. Doing so as soon as you can now will see the latest scientific breakthrough work for you, via Guci Image’s expert care.

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