Cannes’ Hair

Cannes’ Hair

Servicing the men and women with thinning hair here in the northern N.J./NYC area as we do, most of us at Guci (and we assume most of our clients) are not jetting off over to Cannes Festival all that often…if ever at all. If you’ve ever attended the yearly international movie event…well, drop us a line about what it was like! But even if you’ve never made it over to France for the film premiers you’ve probably had occasion to see the fashions on the celebs as they walk and pose across red carpets and attend press junkets. And let’s not forget the do’s, cuts and styles: this year, as always, the array of Cannes’ Hair was simply dazzling.

Actress Elena Lenina sported a silvery crown all up in her do. Diane Kruger (Of Inglorious Bastards and the FX series “The Bridge”) sported a ponytail but Blake Lively did her one better flashing a most spectacular braid. Lara Stone and Naomi Watts both went with straight locks. Beyond these styles, there were up-do’s, vintage ‘waves’ and pretty much everything else you could imagine in now and wow hair styling.

Pretty much the now and the wow we hope you imagine when wearing hair.

The wide variety of cuts we can offer, the up-to-the-minute do’s our stylists can manage are worked seamlessly into our male microfusion  and into women’s lace wigs... and in every other way we service our clients. It’s important that we function as much as a hair care salon catering to a specific section of the population with an equally specific need, as we also can cut, style and color the hair you come to wear in the styles you desire.

Consult your stylist or any of our staff about the cuts and colors you seek and if contacting us for the very first time, please be sure to discuss your needs for both the hair you want to see thicker as well as the style you seek.


 Blake Lively photo cred: Glamour Magazine




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