Knives Out

Knives Out

Guci Image has been in the hair replacement/hair restoration business long enough to know what will look good on a specific customer as well as what won’t. Consultation, fitting a client for the exact correct hair item that suits them best, the future service of said item, and the continued confidence of the men and women we see is our main concern. And as we all too often warn with our commitment, your technician will pretty much fight you tooth and nail if you suddenly come in for a service wanting some style that will not benefit the hair that you wear. Even though our client has the final say in how they wear the hair they wear, you really won’t leave a Guci appointment without an earful of how we might feel a cut or even some color will cause your extension or wig to be all too easily detected.

This is not to say, though, that, like all of you, we don’t come across hair trends, news, and social media posts about hair styling that doesn’t cause us to stop, stare, and sometimes laugh. With still others, we scratch our collective heads as we did this week over the social media coverage of a barber by the name of Safro Fades. Fades has been enjoying some viral video attention with clips of his hair-cutting technique that’s currently trending. In Fades’ videos he shows himself cutting his clients’ hair…with a knife. You can see a whole host of these clips on Safro’s TikTok space.

Cutting quickly and surely with a knife, Fades does an amazing job, proving that there is more than one way to cut hair if one has the skill and tools for it.

Fades might know his customers well, how they will sit for his particular brand of cutting, and what the result will be. Trust Guci Image to know what the results will be for you as you come to us for your cuts, fittings, colors and all other services for the hair that you wear.

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