Get Thyself In!

Get Thyself In!

So, they are officially upon us. The holidaze are here and running out and about trying to grab this or that amongst so many New Jersians doing the same (and in the Paramus, N.J. area where Guci Image is there is a great big population of New Jersians running out and about) hair wearers want to look their best. And to do so, we plead with all the wonderful men and women who are our clients—as we always plead—please make those appointments now!

Yes, this is merely the post-Thanksgiving weekend, but before we know it, Passover, Christmas, and Kwanzaa will be knocking at your door (not to mention the New Year), and you simply can’t be caught short. No matter how well we plan with pre-shopping across the net, trying to make sure the holiday baking is finished well beforehand, and tightening up the lists on where we need to be and who we need to see, for lots of us, there is always some last-minute-crazy to surf.

Don’t let your hair appointment be among this stuff.

As we have always urged, sticking to regular appointments is so very important. But this time of year? Forethought in your scheduling will save you tons of headaches and trying to get in at the last minute. And we all know the later you take to set up an appointment in this holiday rush time, the less likely we can accommodate your specific scheduling needs, no matter what they might be.

Like you, we run out of time and simply close our northern New Jersey offices to enjoy the December holidays.

Scheduling is already growing tight, and we want to make sure we fit everybody in for color, tack-downs, laser treatments, and all the services we provide. There are lots of office parties, family fun times and other holiday hangs coming that we want you to look your best for.

Get thyself in to see us!

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