Johnny Depp Returns With Hair

Johnny Depp Returns With Hair

Having our hair determine our ‘role’ in life, or at the very least make us feel more confident and youthful, it should come as no surprise how an actor might take to a character they are playing, defined as much by the costume they wear as how their hair might come to be styled. In his new role-playing King Louis XV in the upcoming “Jeanne du Barry” movie, Johnny Depp proves once again how the hair he wears makes a distinct impression.

Seemingly free of any stigma post his much celebrated, and seen, defamation trial with Amber Heard, Depp resumed acting again in the period drama being filmed currently in France. Variety magazine revealed the new image-see above-of a side profile of Deep in full regal attire, replete with a powdered wig, fuzzy hat, and colorful embroidery. 

What the black blindfold is for, we can only wait to ‘see.’

Through the evolution of losing one’s hair, while trying to counter balding with creative haircuts or hat wearing, one is taken further from not just their younger years but the idea, the style, the sense, and yes, even the ‘role’ that one has of themselves. How we come to face the world, in our style of dress, as well as our hairstyle defines us; when we lose our hair, so many of us often find ourselves either reassessing or losing our way. Hair restoration and hair replacement are as much about getting back what you once had as allowing you to continue to live the sense of yourself you most want to retain.

Guci Image is proud to give clients that which is so very important and that which we have worked decades to master. And as Johnny Depp returns to what he does, our hair wearers continue with who they are.

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