All The $ Spent

All The $ Spent

Reading this Huffington Post startling account of hair restoration procedures and their costs, one needs to consider well all that the Guci Image customer gets, and at what we feel they get, at a fair cost.

We would never deny that signing on to be a Guci Image customer is not a commitment of time and money; it is. We don’t trivialize the deep consideration a new hair restoration/hair replacement client needs to go through when they step into our Paramus NJ salon or begin to weigh their options for a long-term commitment with us. It is a change-of-life decision to wear a lace wig or a CTR unit, to come in for laser treatments; we know. 

But in reading the Huff Post piece, you can see the trials and tribulations too many people go through looking for hair restoration alternatives and the thousands that can be spent. At Guci, we try our best to find the best solution for a man or woman’s needs and progress on that account, the trial and error having been done by our research well before anyone starts down the road of becoming a client with us.

As we report in this blog all the time, there are scientific advancements, new procedures, and fantastic discoveries happening in hair replacement and hair restoration every day. And like the article above alludes to, some will breakthrough as true culture-changing precedents…and others will fall by the wayside. As we advance, though, Guci Image does its best to keep your costs down and your procedures as easy to endure and attend as possible.

Spending time and money on yourself, while something maybe you don’t do all that often, is important, especially if it makes you feel better about yourself. This is what we hope you feel about all you spend at Guci Image.

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