Science Might Not Be Done With Hair Restoration Just Yet

Science Might Not Be Done With Hair Restoration Just Yet

This story, just printed in The Atlantic, proves that science is not done with us yet when it comes to the amazing and unpredicted results that can come atop our heads and to our bodies in general when we ingest certain medicines or undergo specific treatments. It also raises one’s curiosity about where the future of hair replacement advances.

Three years ago, Jordan Janz received the first-ever experimental genetically modified stem cell therapy for cystinosis. This rare disease causes toxic cystine molecules to invade and build up in a person’s body. Patients with cystinosis don’t usually get much past their late 20s. The treatment Janz underwent was painful, to say the least, and during it, he as much couldn’t eat because the chemo he was getting caused painful sores to form in his mouth as he lost his full head of blonde hair.

The treatment worked, though (thankfully), and as Janz grew better, his hair grew back, not so unusual for patients undergoing chemo treatment. What was unusual, though, was that Janz grew back dark hair. Experimental gene therapy like he had can do some amazing things, but nobody expected this! And while the gene therapy seems to have affected a small bunch of Janz’s DNA cells, most notably hair and scalp, and helped to make him better, it did not seemingly affect his other DNA cells.

Surely an unexpected result of the cure intended, just think of what advancements are coming, beyond the startling results we have already seen, to the immediate future of hair loss treatment and overall hair restoration. Almost every day at our Paramus salon, we read of new treatments, materials, and research being conducted to battle hair thinning. And while we have all seen plenty of experiments that progress the battle and still others that lead to newer approaches, Guci Image exists as it does because science is simply not done with any of us yet.

 And surely, will never be.

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