Do You Really Want To Be Tom Brady?

Do You Really Want To Be Tom Brady?

From a peek-a-boo hair color style to Tom Brady having his hair dyed orange for a National Pediatric Cancer Foundation “Cut and Color for a Cure” fundraiser, as summer rolls in, so do all the wild and fun possibilities of facing the sun with new hair ideas.

We’ve seen Brady change his hair quite a bit over the past few months, and that two-toned hair look Miley Cyrus recently made very famous (although Christina Aguilera famously sported it in her Beautiful video). But you know how these things are with Instagram posts and fashion in general; what is old becomes new again.

For hair wearers, as we have mentioned plenty here (and you will also hear your stylist warn), the summer can be an incredibly challenging time. Sun, sweat, and chlorine can add extra stress to a CTR unit or extensions, so wondering if we should suddenly try for a two-tone, black and white coloring probably does not rate so highly across any of our radars. Taking to a trending cut that might keep one cooler while attractive and comfortable are not practical to us who are forever considering how a new cut or even a slight trim, looks with how we usually wear this hair that is not ours.

Once again, we are made aware of differences between those who have and those who have because they come to Guci Image. But those differences are just fine. 

We say, let Brady have the orange, he looks good in it. If you can’t so much dye your hair weekly, so what? Sure, you might have to plan for a bit with your stylist for a new cut, how to match it with the unit you wear or how you might indeed now want a slight peppering of grey in your lace wig. But hair wearers live with very few restrictions when one considers the positives of having one’s hair back.

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