So, what really did Matthew McConaughey Do To His Do?

So, what really did Matthew McConaughey Do To His Do?

This new MSN article elaborates on a specific question many have had about actor Matthew McConaughey and the hair transplant rumor that has swirled around him for years. Of course, there are plenty of places online where one can view before and after pictures of both actors and actresses, all kinds of celebrities really, where posters, fans, and critics both, even some pros in the cosmetic field, offer opinions on whether a public figure has had plastic surgery or a hair transplant, or even is wearing extensions, a wig or a male hair unit. And on these sites, plenty have wondered over pictures of McConaughey from years ago where he seemed to be balding, as opposed to pictures of the actor now, where he sports a full head of hair.

Interestingly enough, McConaughey claims he was well aware of the balding-one-day-full-head-of-hair-the-next rumors and addressed them in his recent memoir Greenlights. McConaughey says that noticing some significant hair loss in the late 90s, he took to buzzing all his hair off at the start of the century, then proceeded to rub Regenix into his scalp for 10 minutes each day.

He claims he has more hair now than he had in 1999.

Regenix products consist of shampoo, cleansers, and other protectants and require the user to send samples of their hair to the company for analysis while engaging in a step-by-step application process. As with many topical solutions for hair loss and thinning, effectiveness results vary from user to user.

However, it seems that the product had wonderful results for Matthew McConaughey.

Knowing as we do how many men and women that you well know indeed have hair replacement units (and some we have worked on, though we aren’t naming names), who can say if McConaughey is being truthful about his Regenix news. But in the end, does it much matter what he did to feel better about himself and his thinning hair? As what you do for yourself over yours, however you make yourself happy through what Guci Image can do for you, is your business.

“Alright, Alright, Alright.”

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