Did the Friends reunion remind you of anything?

Did the Friends reunion remind you of anything?

With the HBO Max recent airing of Friends: the Reunion, both rabid fans and just the modestly interested got to witness the actors who played Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, and Ross together again. It’s been years since all these ‘friends’ sat on a stage together, and as much as the show brought in millions of viewers, so too did celebrities have their say about the special. Maria Carey even offered a little insight (here) into how she once made a “sad attempt” at the ionic Rachel haircut, made famous by Jennifer Aniston when she played “Rachel” on the show.

Since streaming services (like HBO Max) have taken over the airwaves, we tend to forget how very influential network television was to style and fashion when it was the main game in town. If one were to journey even further back than the ’90s when Friends was first airing (as the Huffington Post reminds here), we come to revisit the history of hair in very significant ways. Way back when there was Lucille Ball’s curly pompadour (viewers at the time did not get to see Lucy’s famous red hair as T.V. only broadcast in black and white), a few years later, Farrah Fawcett’s feather locks made magazine covers and infamous posters and further on from that Claire Danes sported her own deeply red mane on “My So-Called Life.”

To name just a few.

Influential and iconic, certainly. Will more hairstyles be coming from a Netflix, an HBO Max, a Disney + even? Surely. Will the culture care? Always. But how does all this come to influence the men and women who wear hair? Not so much, as we always make plain, in these blogs and in how Guci Image services our clients.

But it was good to see the friends of Friends again, and their updated haircuts.

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