Toupee or not Toupee…is no longer the question

Toupee or not Toupee…is no longer the question

As much known for his comically wry late-night talk show appearances, as his often noted old-school toupee, actor Charles Grodin died this week. And even though no talk show host would talk about the obvious ‘additions’ many of their male guests sported, guys like Grodin, Burt Reynolds, William Shatner, were famous for wearing hair.

Indeed, male hair replacement technology has grown leaps and bounds from what these famous men sported during their most popular celebrity years…or even what some still wear. The main point always for Guci Image—as it always should be for any reputable hair replacement salon—is to provide men (and women) a hair replacement alternative no one would ever talk about because it is pretty much undetectable from their naturally grown hair.

Through rigorous scientific testing, considerations of ‘wearability’ as well as longevity, and painstaking research always leading to another step forward, over the past handful of decades we have seen fantastic advances in hair wear. So much time and innovation has brought us from the early years of wig making to the arduous application Hollywood stars would have to endure to how we now confidently offer our extensions, Lace Wigs, and our CTR units. In fact, we have evolved our hair replacement techniques of the CTR so well we have come to consider it less a hairpiece than a hair loss solution.

A hair loss solution among the many we offer.

Another late-night talk shows regular, Charles Nelson Reilly, was famous for speaking about his ‘hair piece’ to Johnny Carson and the “Match Game” daytime game show on which he was a regular. But this was back in the age when he and guys like Shatner, Grodin, etc., sported what had become a time-honored classic toupee.

We assure our clients or any man or woman considering our N.J. hair restoration salon that we are well past that beloved yet old style late-night talk show hair history.

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