Oh No, Halle Berry!

Oh No, Halle Berry!

Halle Berry chopped her hair into a bop for the Oscars last Sunday. And yes, the world hasn’t been the same since!

Attending the granddaddy Hollywood award show to present the awards for Best Production Design and Best Cinematography, the actress (an Oscar winner herself) wore a Dolce & Gabbana gown, Christian Louboutin shoes, and jewelry by Ridano. But it was Berry’s ragged short cut that got the most attention this week.

It is interesting to note, that Berry’s hair was even shorter back in 2002 when she won her Oscar for Best Actress.

As speculated in this blog, fashions, haircuts, and all around, who-was-wearing who-and-how generated lots of attention, as it always does, for the 93rd Academy Awards broadcast. But in these COVID times, it was assumed Hollywood stars would step out making grand statements in what they wore and how they looked.

Halle Berry seemed to have made a statement with her hair cut without even attempting to, as this coverage attests.

A Guci Image customer balances on that fine line of certainly wanting to look their best, hoping to ‘make’ a fashionable hair statement, while not drawing attention to the hair they wear. Undetectable hair replacement that bolsters one’s confidence by restoring one’s youthful appearance (and adding lots of hair on one’s head!) is what we are after in the work we do.

Among the Hollywood elite, we see some of the very best hair replacements, hair extensions, and hair ‘pieces.’ And most of the time, none of us are aware of these ‘additions.’ The folks who populate an Academy Award show are true cultural royalty. Unless one is a Patrick Stewart, a Dwayne Johnson, or any of the other most famous bald male actors of 2021, you can bet luscious locks lay bountiful and long on most heads you spied at the Oscars. Halle Berry just went slightly ‘off-script,’ changing her look for a night where millions would see her.

But she, like a Guci Image customer, was still sporting some fantastic hair.

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