The Diana Rigg Influence

The Diana Rigg Influence

When it comes to fashion and culture’s current influence, if blink, you’ll miss the weekly scroll of whose post is most popular or a Twitter feed enjoying rabid attention. Trying to keep up with styles, colors, and cuts, is any salon’s stock in trade, but as we see every day at Guci Image, what’s new and happening one day to the next changes so quickly. In the hair replacement business, we have a double duty to make sure our clients’ hair looks the best it can be to keep our customers feeling up-to-date about their styles and cuts.

But back long ago, fashion and style changes did not come at such a blisteringly fast pace.

There was a time when actress Diana Rigg stepped through episodes of the British T.V. spy-fantasy show The Avengers and what she wore (and the way she wore it) set the world alight. Rigg, who died this week at the age of 82, played “Emma Peel” on the show and her leather catsuits, the flip, and bounce of her bop hairstyle, even the Lotus Elan car she drove to and fro in, became fashion icons of the day. Later in the series, Rigg even took to wearing black and white ‘mod’ fashions and miniskirts well before they became mainstream 60’s wear.

This lady was a fashion influencer on a par with a Jeffree Star and a sure empowered lady before that term was even used.

We tend to forget how one person can grow to iconic status when these days so much is coming at us so fast. But whether it be a new hair cut everyone is chasing (even a update of the cut of your CTR unit), a fashion everyone wants to fit into, or a trending show on Netflix everybody is binging on, there was a time when a lady like Diana Rigg held us all firmly in palm of her karate-chopping hand.

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