From Cardi B to Doja Cat: Is It All About The Braid Now?

From Cardi B to Doja Cat: Is It All About The Braid Now?

One would expect modern-day diva’s like Doja Cat and Cardi B to sport the most up to date and outrageous hairstyles, it comes with their job description, after all. And both ladies did not disappoint over the past month, with what they managed with the braids they showed off. Here at Guci Image, we can style a client’s hair any which way they want, but as a leading hair replacement salon and high-end styling studio, we must give kudos to Cardi and Doja with what they gave us all lately.

Not that the other hairstyles (and décolleté) and the music they make are not all worthy of attention, but the extra-long braid Doja Cat sported on the red carpet of the recently broadcast 2020 MTV Video Music Awards nearly touched the ground. She also wore long blonde tresses and a barely-there scaly catsuit ‘inside’ the show when she sang “Say So,” and “Like That.” And Cardi’s swirl of hair, in both her controversial WAP video, plus a pink braid semi-horn like concoction she posted a few days ago, proves she is up to the task to still wow us as well.

(Just for the record, Cardi B’s circular pink braid updo was created by famous stylist Tokyo Stylez).

At our Paramus hair replacement salon, we know that cut, color, and style need to be considered and then engaged together to create the very best—and undetectable—hair replacement system. Braids and other kinds of updos, a splash of natural-looking grey, and the perfect cut go far in making a hair replacement system all it can be. As we say time and again, it’s not enough to just wear a CTR unit or a good hair extension; the hair you wear must be well cared for and attended to by professionals.

Whether you are wearing a braid or not.

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