Victory For De’Andre Arnold

Victory For De’Andre Arnold

Back in this blog, posted at the very beginning of the year, we reported on the “dangerous” hair of De’Andre Arnold. Arnold and his cousin, Kaden Bradford, made national news at the beginning of 2020, well before the Coronavirus was our only news, over the fact that they were being kept from returning to school unless they cut their dreadlocks. This week, a federal judge in Texas blocked the school’s dress code policy (which the school said prohibited the boys wearing their hair as long as they were), ruling that the boys can indeed return to school without having to cut their locs.

Score one for individuality, ethnic pride…and hair.

The Guci Image reputation has been built on our client’s pride in their hair…even if that particular client no longer has any of their natural hair left. Through Cosmetic Transdermal Reconstruction (CTR), Platelet Rich Plasma treatments, Human Hair Lace Wig construction, and many more techniques and applications, the client who comes to our Paramus hair loss salon, keep their pride, youthful appearance, and confidence.

Sure, we see men, and even some women, sporting shiny, super sexy, bald heads. People also ‘go grey’ all the time. To each his own, we say, from Kaden to De’Andre sporting their dreads, to anything anyone wants to do with their style and cut. But for the man and woman looking to retain a seemingly full head of hair, wishing to swish long manes down their back or just looking for the look of seemingly natural aging of hair, not their own, Guci Image provides the magic.

We can only hope, post the pandemic (whenever it is we are truly clear of it) that concerns like a student’s hair length or style, might not ever again rate on anyone’s radar. We wish good luck and good hair, as much to De’Andre and Kaden, as to everyone else.

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