Nicki Minaj Gets Colorful Being “Preggers.”

Nicki Minaj Gets Colorful Being “Preggers.”

Does it come as a surprise to anyone that Nicki Minaj would publicly announce her pregnancy wearing wild couture and styling her hair with wild bright wigs and other head coverings?

The 37-year-old singer is pregnant for the first time, and Nicki and her husband Kenneth Petty have proudly let the world know of the upcoming ‘new release,’ with the “Super Bass” singer posing across Instagram, holding her baby bump. Across various pictures wearing brocade bras, sky-high Lucite heels, and wigs and bikini bottoms, Minaj took the net by storm, posting her pics with the “#Preggers 💛.” tag line.

With all the bold color display Nicki showed off, it’s possible she was as much making a broad colorful statement (as she does), as much as referencing the just released Resort 2021 designer fashion offerings (see here). Nicki’s bright pastel choices for her wigs and bras in these baby-bump pictures are just as cotton candy-colored as what designers are presenting this year.

Although we are reminded time and again, Instagram/Twitter/Facebook and Snapchat pics from celebrities (not just Nicki Minaj) bring attention to the poster, attention is something a Guci Image customer never wants. Admittedly, we employ wigs at our N.J. hair restoration salon. But the last thing any of our customers ever want is to draw attention to the hair they wear. The satisfied Guci Image hair replacement customer can come in for their service every month or so, leave us confident that their hair looks well cared for, and natural, no matter with what hair replacement method we have them outfitted.

Even the past few months of COVID-19 has not changed the fact that our current culture is seemingly built around the “scene and be seen.” ‘To post or not to post’ is an hourly consideration for most folks. Selfies and viral videos are more influential to our reality than most anything else. But for Guci Image customers, the need to be seen can’t supersede how one is seen, with very best undetectable hair wear service imaginable.

Congratulations Nicki Minaj.

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