Ariel Winter’s New Blonde Locks Lift Us Out Of The Cold Few Months Of Self-Quarantine

Ariel Winter’s New Blonde Locks Lift Us Out Of The Cold Few Months Of Self-Quarantine

In her most recent Instagram post, Ariel Winter dyed her usual dark locks (she’s gone from brown to red already) to platinum blonde. Fan’s opinion immediately set to remarking how the ex-Modern Family star could now easily play a young Marilyn Monroe in a movie, with other folks commented on how Ariel is now a dead ringer for Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen. Enjoying her look via the talents of colorist Tabitha Dueñas and her husband, stylisyt, Tim Dueñas, Winter seems to be exploiting her post-lockdown transformation.

A hair replacement wearer is part of a unique population. Where the matter-of-fact hair changes or even pandemic style concerns might be on plenty of people’s minds when you wear hair, considerations of style, cut, color, and overall look are of a whole different order. And unfortunately, we all found out about this during the world-wide lockdown. Ariel Winter or even your next-door neighbor can emerge from their house, flipping self-cut locks or sporting that drastic change in color they attempted. Still, for men and women wearing hair, it was a long few months of home re-gluing, extra special care to extensions, and trying to make sure a hair replacement unit didn’t move.

As far as post lockdown looks or busting out of self-quarantine sporting a new do, Guci Image is just happy to be servicing our clients once again. It’s anybody’s guess what might happen around our Paramus, N.J. way during this summer, right now, we are merely catching-up with our hair replacement customers. For now, providing simple excellent service for our clients is all we can hope.

Indeed, changes in style, color consideration, all the usual hair care considerations Guci Image has always answered will come to bear as we get back to some sort of normal. But for now, hair replacement wearers will have to live vicariously through the Ariel Winters of the world.

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