Nicki Minaj, Housewives, Guci Image Costumers…Not All ‘Hair Together’

“Say So ft. Nicki Minaj” dance visual video

Nicki Minaj is having a wig field day in her new addition to Doja Cat’s “Say So,” song in the new video of “Say So ft. Nicki Minaj.” Featuring three dancers (none of them Nicki), the women sport blonde Afro-wigs as well as long pink curls, adding to the colorful fun Doja Cat is known for. Once again, here is a display where wigs are front-and-center and all so over-the-top to be noticeable.
Of course, at Guci Image, we don’t approach our wigs like this or any hair replacement to engender attention. While we might be all in the current COVID-19 shut-down, we are not all in the same state of current hair care or hair display. Those men and women who are not battling baldness or thinning, go their merry way coloring, cutting, and doing all that they do, not worrying much beyond keeping up with styles or looking their best. Sure, maybe it is hard to color and cut your own hair while your hair salon is closed, but for the most part, a little extra gray or a cut going wild is all anybody with real hair is worrying about when it comes to their hair presently. And video costume designers or even the many stylists working on the various “Housewives” shows know that their hair extension work is immediately recognizable for what it is, as the show’s stars flick their long locks every much to be noticed and outdo one another.
As it was before, and what will undoubtedly be after the pandemic, the main goal of our NJ hair replacement salon will be to make our customers look the very best with the hair they wear. As we always have been and will always be, even presently not being able to see our clients, we know Guci Image and its customers are not ‘all in hair together’ with the rest of the world.