Sarah Hyland, Anderson Cooper, Kelly Ripa…STOP!

Sarah Hyland, Anderson Cooper, Kelly Ripa…STOP!

Serena Williams broke down her skin-care regiment. Sarah Hyland gave her fiancé Wells Adams a buzz cut. Kelly Ripa and Gabrielle Union, are showing off the progression of letting their natural hair color and texture return. Anderson Cooper tried to shore up his signature, tight white cut to disastrous results. And in another hilarious song parody, in this video, Chris Mann covers Lizzo by singing “Bored as Hell,” and in the clip tries to clip his hair.

It’s strange what the COVID-19 quarantine is bringing people to…and what they are showing off. As Guci Image culls new customers and even the just hair replacement curious to our N.J. salon with our web presence, some people use their time online to document just what the self-quarantine is bringing them do. Unfortunately, a lot of the above examples have people messing with their hair. And for the hair replacement customer, we’d surely have to invite caution in this seeming trend.

In our last blog, we championed the idea of maintaining the hair your wear best you can without having the usual luxury of your usual Guci Image service. In this blog, we are cautioning on unneeded attempts to make changes (in any way, shape, or form) because you might be bored. Maybe take to something else in these stressful times other than your head.

You could join the Bin Isolation Outing Facebook group. These folks dress up in outrageous outfits to take their garbage out. It’s Facebook frockery fun that spread from an Australian group to all over the world now. At least this would keep you from creating any unnecessary mayhem to your locks.

Whatever you might need to stave off the boredom blues, please tread lightly on that which we take sure pride in providing you. And that which you so cherish.

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