Good Health In The Face Of Corno-19

Yes, by now, Guci Image customers have heard about the New Jersey cases of Corno-19, and specifically how the virus has affected the Upper Bergen County area. But as we always have here at NJ’s top hair restoration salon, and as we will even after things hopefully return to some state of ‘normal’ post the outbreak, the strictest protocols of health and safety are practiced in our offices.
Selling and caring for scientifically-vetted products as we do, caring as much for the cosmetic concerns of our clients as much as their health (and the health of our staff), plying our trade with dyes, chemicals, and procedures requiring the highest level of skillful application we have always had to maintain a high level of cleanliness. It’s not just a Coronavirus that can spread all-too-easily among the population of an establishment that caters to the public. We have been in business long enough to have established rigorous fail-safes, even in times where there has been no health crisis.
The only good news about the current pandemic is that we are all in this together. From Paramus to Prague, there is no escaping the impact that the last few months have wrought. And as we have all seen time and again, humanity is always at its best when things are at their worst. Together, we will get through what is presently upon us, as unprecedented and scary as it is and come out stronger and wiser for it.
As we always do, all of us here at Guci Image wish you the very best of health. Please contact us as always so we can figure the best time to service you in this unusual time. Hopefully, we will be putting this all in our rearview very soon and getting back to living our lives in the good company of those we care about.
Be well.