Did Charlize Theron Just Create A New Hair Trend?

Did Charlize Theron Just Create A New Hair Trend?

We have seen them come, and we have seen them go; hair trends blow through or Guci Image offices so often these days it’s tough to keep track. Our technicians confer with clients constantly on what is and what not possible when coming to wear hair…or what really, will look best or what might not! But just this past Sunday, at the SAG Awards, actress Charlize Theron presented something to viewers, that could very well start a trend.

(And just as easily be forgotten when another trend gets posted next week).

The actress nominated this night for an ‘Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role,’ award, placed a Tiffany bracelet in her part. Theron revealed it was a case of ‘necessity being the mother of invention’ as she did not have time to see her hairstylist cover her dark roots.

As one of the leading hair replacement salons in the country, the concept of ‘covering,’ creating something where something had not been, attending to one’s hair in a unique way is what Guci Image is all about. In the case of what Theron managed, she was as much covering as bringing attention to her hair with that Tiffany piece she used so interestingly. At our northern N.J. hair replacement salon, that kind of attention is not what we are after. But wanting a client to feel as confident as Theron did certainly is.

As we march into the full breadth of Hollywood’s award season; past The Golden Globes, this SAG Awards, the Grammy’s and the Oscar’s soon to be, we are sure to be seeing more interesting hair trends. Surely some could be incorporated in the hair replacement work we do at Guci Image; some others will be strictly for celebrities looking for extensive paparazzi coverage.

What is for sure, 2020, will surely see a lot of interesting hair choices for us all.

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