The Continuing Consideration Of ‘Going Grey’; Alexandra Grant

It probably wouldn’t bother most ladies to be mistaken for drop-dead beauty and full-of-class actress Helen Mirren. But what led to the confusion of people thinking Alexandra Grant (seen in a recent well-publicized photo holding hands with Keanu Reeves) was her gray hair. The 46-year old artist sports naturally silver hair, and as much does not dye her hair (presently) as she explored the reasons why in an Instagram post. And as you have read here often, at Guci Image, our male and female clients consider what to do—and not do— about their grey all the time.

There are two schools of thought to the ‘going grey’ conundrum. Especially if you happen to be someone ‘wearing hair,’ dying units of extensions could bring undue focus on them. This is why Guci Image technicians work tirelessly to match colors, to ‘pepper’ in gray when needed, to make the dying process as natural as everything else we do at our NJ hair replacement salon. Even those men and women who don’t wear hair might garner undue notice if they cover their gray in a way that’s not expertly rendered.

As with lots of what we do when it comes to wardrobe choices or even some plastic surgery augmentation (significant or just some fillers), the question of ‘to grey or not to grey’ is left to personal preference. Just as Alexandra Grant did, we all much chose how much or little grey (or any at all) we allow as we age. Clients come to us to retain their youth, bolster their confidence, to feel good about sporting a full head of hair as they did so long ago. If a man wants to order their next Guci CTR unit with speckles of grey, or a lady wishes to swish entirely silver extensions across her shoulder, to each his own, we say.