The Endgame of Wearing Hair Like So Many Hollywood Stars

The Endgame of Wearing Hair Like So Many Hollywood Stars

Unless its Dwayne Johnson or Patrick Stewart we are mentioning, mostly what we see of male stars in Hollywood are full luscious heads of hair. For those men who wear hair from Guci Image (or from any other hair replacement salon not in Paramus N.J.), this overabundance of beautiful male locks could be slightly off-putting. Checking into the new Avengers: Endgame movie, for instance, not only does the everyday dude have to compete with perfect chiseled bodies and handsome faces, but yet again the Robert Downey Jr.’s, Mark Ruffalo’s and Jeremy Renner’s of the world seem to have no hair thinning concerns whatsoever.

It just doesn’t seem fair, does it?

The real truth is: many men in Hollywood are wearing hair. Like it or not—and we can all keep to our fantasies ignoring this truth—the simple fact is many more big-time actors than we could ever imagine either began the process of hair replacement years ago or are sporting fantastically set and kept hair pieces. In fact, guessing which guy is wearing fake hair is even the main thrust of a few sites online, some that reveal some substantial evidence.

And to be sure, they look great! After all, our celebrities have excellent stylists and technicians working on their hair…everyday.

Hair envy certainly comes to those of us who are thinning or bald. But hair replacement salons like Guci Image make it so all men can be equal in long locks longing. We know our Hollywood superheroes are created as much from the men and women who act as all the technicians behind the scenes who create SFX, costumes, camera, and sound interplay and yes…hair and makeup. When it comes to the hair we wear, even the most popular hunky star is no different than you.

The endgame for you should be coming to Guci Image for the very best hair you can wear.

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