Old The Long Term Commitment of “Wearing Hair”

It takes many of us such a long time to admit that yes, our hair is really thinning. Searching through hair wearing hair replacement options, actually calling salons, looking at websites for a ‘cure’ can take months. At Guci Image, we realize all the realizations and rationalizations you had to suffer through to get to us, we appreciate you picking us from so many options available in the northern New Jersey/New York area. And we are certainly ready to spend even more time then it took for you to come to us in our long term commitment with you.

Finding the payment plan that works best for you, working to fit you with a stylist you come to regard as a confidant, seeing to the long-term strategy of the normal progression of aging on your CTR unit, exactly what coloring you might want in your hair SHE and GREAT LENGTHS extensions, how long we both agree your LLLT treatments should last, presenting up-to-the-moment options in the various ever-advancing technologies we use; there is so much to this marriage we embark on.

Once you get your confidence back, your step lightens, you feel your get-up-and-go getting-up all hours of the day, all because of the hair you wear, Guci Image will work hard get to keep those good feelings flowing. It is all about a consistent hair care upkeep regiment, availing yourself of our exemplary service on a regular basis and an enjoying an always open dialogue between you and your stylist to what you might be envisioning for your hair in the near future (or even in years down the line) and how Guci Image can help facilitate what you are after.

In almost all of the services we offer we are looking forward to a long-term commitment with you. Wearing hair should work into your everyday existence as easy yet consistently as anything else you do for yourself on a regular basis. To truly improve the quality of so intimate a part of your life, would you expect any less of a commitment from us?

The decision to do something about your hair thinning, scalp problems, whether or not wear hear in the simplest sense is not one you come to quickly. We know it takes time to admit what is happening…and then to do something about it. And we know there are plenty of others places to find what you might think you want… but none better then Guci Image to provide what you really need.

Come commit with us today. Contact us now.

Guci Image Inc

Guci Image Inc