Old Kate Moss, Brigitte Bardot…and you?

In adds for Kerastase’s new Couture Styling collection superstar model Kate Moss sports a decidedly Brigitte Bardot look…complete with bouffant hairdo. While whole blogs are being devoted on the exact way to achieve the sky-high tussle, we would all do well to remember, somebody like Moss (with the help of talented, well-paid stylists) can easily transform her hair/look/dress and make-up anyway she wishes when she wishes.

The equally lovely ladies who come to Guci Image seeking hair extensions our Lace Wigs and Micro Grafting  (to name just three what we can offer women in our Paramus, N.J. offices) do not have such time or luxury…nor stylists and P.R. people waiting on them hand and hair. And we all know that wearing hair is as much about finding a ‘do’ that works in the long term as making what you are wearing wholly undetectable.

It is a delicate mixing and matching to be sure between style/cut and color with that which can flow seamlessly into the hair you come to us for. Whether you want a classic style or vintage look, hope to consistently emulate famous starlets or want to just keeping yourself stylish in what you feel is the latest trend the ‘do’ we ‘do’ for you needs to be well balanced with what is possible with the hair you wear. Yes, it is ultimately your money in the end that you are spending for our services and yes we will do whatever you want, but you also pay for the expertise of your well-seasoned stylist; take what he or she says to heart when you saunter in thinking you might very well want to rock that Kate Moss Brigitte Bardot mess of hair for this month.

Call us now, if you have yet to, to avail yourself of the specific skills Guci Image can bring to bear to bring your confidence-and hair-back.https://old-guci-website-content.a9r6yr0c-liquidwebsites.com/contact-guci-image/