Old Another Scientific Breakthrough In Hair Loss

A here-to-for unrealized application of the arthritis drug tofacitinib citrate helped a 25-year-old man grow a full head of hair after Alopecia universalis left him completely hairless. Other types of alopecia have been known to be the cause of hair loss for our clients (see our page here on Alopecia Areata specifically) but the very rare Alopecia universalis can cause sufferers to lose all their body hair. In the case of this one patient treated here though Yale researchers came up with specific-and it was indeed effective-targeted treatment that saw the patient re-grow his hair eyebrows, eyelashes, facial hair and body hair.

Eight months into the treatment Dr. Brett A King, assistant professor of dermatology at Yale University School of Medicine is saying: “There are no good options for long-term treatment of alopecia universalis…the best available science suggested this might work, and it has.”

“The results are exactly what we hoped for,” he added.

Breakthrough In Hair Loss

Once again science moves us all forward, as it has in all of Guci Image applications and techniques. The scientific advancement in laser lights informs our Low Laser Light Scalp treatments and of course every new technology applicable is used to make our extensions and CTR unit. We grow with you in leaps and bounds at a rate no one could have ever imagined in the consistent work we do for clients wearing hair and battling hair loss in northern N.J.

There will never be a cure all for all people, the reasons for hair loss are many. We take our clients on a case by case basis and fit a solution to their needs as we always have. But Yale researchers saw a problem and attacked it and we in the hair care community applaud them for their work.

Science marches on and so do we.


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